Guthrie Theater

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Hot off the presses! The 2014-2015 season, Joe Dowling’s last with the Guthrie. What show are you most looking forward to?
For comparisons sake. The first photo was taken Friday and the second captured today. #minnesotaweather cc: @kare11 @belindakare11 @svensundgaard
What a difference a weekend makes!  (at Guthrie Theater)
We’ve been mistaken for a movie theater (maybe it’s our multiple entertainment options under one roof?) And this weekend, all three stages are humming with #OTHELLO, @penumbratheatre’s #THEMOUNTAINTOP and Carlyle Brown and Company’s #ABELINCOLNANDUNCLETOMINTHEWHITEHOUSE. Come stay a while and see great plays with us.
"Forced perspective" ain’t half bad. Thanks, Jean Nouvel. #architecture #jeannouvel  #endlessbridge #goldmedalflour #millcity
CRIMES OF THE HEART rehearsals begin today! Here are some 70’s styles designed by Clint Ramos.
@penumbratheatre’s #THEMOUNTAINTOP opens tonight in the McGuire Proscenium. Break a leg! (at McGuire Proscenium)
Seen in the building: Peter Macon as Oedipus & Isabell Monk O’connor as Jocasta in our production of OEDIPUS in 2005. #tbt (at Guthrie Theater)
On this day in 1911 a legend was born. Happy birthday, Tennessee Williams!